Ivonne Gonzalez Performances at #Commonings. HKW, Berlin 14-18 Sept 2022.


September 14th. 8.30–9 pm
Ritual in the Main lobby
Maroon March Ritual
with Ivonne Gonzalez and Paulina Marquez

This ritual will serve as a protection against danger, external attacks, kidnapping and appropriation attempts. Paulina Marquez and Ivonne Gonzalez will offer a ritual for maroon walkers that for this occasion will be dedicated to the Fugitive Library and those who inhabit it. Ivonne and Paulina aim to celebrate the road undertaken, what the land and their ancestors give them and the iron will to preserve and enrich what is given in order to continue on this road.

Every day from September 15th to September 17th. 4.00-4:30 pm
Maroon Un-Archiving 
Performance in the Main lobby
With Ivonne Gonzalez and Paulina Marquez

To contest and to reject the archival practice of kidnapping, accumulation and burial of the maroon memory through a colonialist lens is the base, the backbone of Maroon preservation and survival. It is a way of existing, recreating, re-inventing and re-signifying the language of resistance that was received from our ancestors. There is no set theory when speaking from the “we” and when carrying the evocation of the memories of the Maroons. 

These artistic actions happening daily from Thursday to Saturday serve to accompany the processes of repair and healing of Maroon communities, to grow like healthy trees and bear good fruit, even after the most painful storms. 

Ivonne Gonzalez and Paulina Marquez propose a collaboration with the Fugitive Library to produce writings and drawings (however ephemeral and changing) of the different Maroon cultures that were transmitted to them. Their intervention will establish a dialogue between the memory of the Maroon communities on the other side of the Atlantic and the fugitive being in Africa, and will be realized in Cléophée Moser’s installation with completely vegetal elements and textures.

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